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Foods For Health Education with Don Tolman

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R4E150121 – Foods For Health Education with Don Tolman on Relate4ever Publishing

1 Who Influenced You The Most in this Life and How to Overcome Medical Damage

2 Encouraging Positive Parenting And Homeschooling Home Education

3 Accelerated Learning For Children with Music and Story Images

4 Fruits and Vegetables that Resembles to Body Organs

5 Treatments and Foods for Diabetics and Cancer Patients

6 Returning to Nature Homesteading with the Rainbow Diet and Where You Will Be In The Future

7 Best Whole Foods For Health and Education with Don Tolman

8 Foods For Health Education as Paduraru Progressive Ambient Chillout Music Mix


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Sheila and Tom Jones Family Interview

Sheila and Tom Jones from DPI and GoodBookPress Life Legacy Interview on Relate4ever Publishing


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Tom A. Jones http://mindchangemoments2.blogspot.com – Recovering sinner. Kingdom seeker living with MS. Husband. father, disciple of Jesus with citizenship in heaven. Author. Teacher.

Sheila Presley Jones http://mybucketofsandsj.blogspot.com –  I am a follower of Jesus, wife to a wonderful man, mother to three incredible young women(and two sons “by marriage”). I am blessed to be able to work with my husband as owners and publishers of a Christian publishing company called Good Book Press. God has given me a very special sister and many great friends.

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Natural Homeschooling

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R4E141222 – Natural Homeschooling with Natalia Rivera from Ecuador – Visit http://www.contusguaguas.com

01 Natural Parenting To Homeschool Your Children

02 Educate At Home In Any Country and other Essential Implications and Benefits for Teaching

03 Laws from the Bible for Moral Love then the Legal Constitution and the International Letter of HSLDA

04 Top Reasons for Home Education along with the Liberty and Unity of the Family

05 Real Socialization of Children with all Ages To Learn and Serve while Encouraging Their Uniqueness

06 The base of Education and What is the best Curriculum to Use

07 Prayer for full time Parents

08 Relate4ever – Natural Homeschooling Organic Ambient Chillout Mix

– Inspirational audiobook on restoring home education aka homeschooling movement from Relate4ever Publishing.


Revelation Explained by Gordon Ferguson

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Here is one of the best commentary on Revelation by Gordon Ferguson.