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Letter for Children (English-Spanish)

As the new world order is degrading family and faith, imagine how the future will be if the children would fulfill righteous and worthy goals for health, education, family, church, work.

We love the churches of Christ and our mission is to empower the children with essential Christian resources called Letters for Life in every generation until the end of the world.

Please pray so that many families and educators will listen and download the current recordings from https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/lfc18bilingual

Hi! My name is Cris Coach and I want (and I will) share some messages to have a good life style. I started the research to discover the truth and how to live well in the eighties 80s. I invite you to be part of my project called: the Letters for Life.

Sometimes, each of us asked: Why some people are more healthy or successful than others? Healthy means active. Success is having good results like sufficient income and meaningful outcome. We need to be healthy to bear good fruit!

We live in a such abundant time of history when we can discover everything we need (like all the secrets) to live well! Did you know that there are some essential topics for each of your life seasons? Let´s discover together the topics for Children, Disciples, Musicians, Family and Elderly.

Would you like to have the best outcome from this letter? I invite you to write your practical decisions as goals for each of these essential topics. For example:

A. What did you understand? What was the initial meaning of the message?
B. How can you practice it righteously? How can you use it without loosing it?
Who is a good example to follow? Who already has the results that you want?
C. With whom will you share your experience? With whom can you teach what you´ve learned? Can you see how the best way to retain what you learn, is to teach others as you are learning?

What is the purpose of this letter? To give you functional guidance for each stage of life!
What is the promise of the letter? That if you practice these things, you will have the best life experience!
What is the challenge of the letter? To share with me each time you help someone complete this course! Let s start!

Get My FREE Letters for Life Guide here: Post a comment to request a FREE copy of the Letter for Children MP3 or download for $5 from HERE.


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Foods For Health Education with Don Tolman

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R4E150121 – Foods For Health Education with Don Tolman on Relate4ever Publishing

1 Who Influenced You The Most in this Life and How to Overcome Medical Damage

2 Encouraging Positive Parenting And Homeschooling Home Education

3 Accelerated Learning For Children with Music and Story Images

4 Fruits and Vegetables that Resembles to Body Organs

5 Treatments and Foods for Diabetics and Cancer Patients

6 Returning to Nature Homesteading with the Rainbow Diet and Where You Will Be In The Future

7 Best Whole Foods For Health and Education with Don Tolman

8 Foods For Health Education as Paduraru Progressive Ambient Chillout Music Mix


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Sheila and Tom Jones Family Interview

Sheila and Tom Jones from DPI and GoodBookPress Life Legacy Interview on Relate4ever Publishing


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Tom A. Jones http://mindchangemoments2.blogspot.com – Recovering sinner. Kingdom seeker living with MS. Husband. father, disciple of Jesus with citizenship in heaven. Author. Teacher.

Sheila Presley Jones http://mybucketofsandsj.blogspot.com –  I am a follower of Jesus, wife to a wonderful man, mother to three incredible young women(and two sons “by marriage”). I am blessed to be able to work with my husband as owners and publishers of a Christian publishing company called Good Book Press. God has given me a very special sister and many great friends.

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Top 20 Podcasts (Best of Douglas Jacoby)

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Top 20 Podcasts (Best of Douglas Jacoby International Teaching Ministry) CD
01 12 Suprises from Acts Chapter 2
02 7 Compact Evidences Arguments Christian Apologetics
03 Angelic Beings as Angels Cherubim Seraphim Demons
04 Baptism
05 Capital Punishment
06 Decision Making And The Will Of God
07 Godly Parenting
08 Holiness
09 Interview with Douglas Jacoby about his Life Legacy
10 Islam and the Bible
11 Jeroboam and Rehoboam OldTestament Character Study
12 Jesus New Testament Character
13 Modesty what to dress today
14 Original Sin aka TULIP
15 Philip the Apostle
16 Prayer and Fasting
17 Questions On Genesis
18 Speaking In Tongues
19 Staying Single
20 The Problem of Suffering


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Natural Homeschooling

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R4E141222 – Natural Homeschooling with Natalia Rivera from Ecuador – Visit http://www.contusguaguas.com

01 Natural Parenting To Homeschool Your Children

02 Educate At Home In Any Country and other Essential Implications and Benefits for Teaching

03 Laws from the Bible for Moral Love then the Legal Constitution and the International Letter of HSLDA

04 Top Reasons for Home Education along with the Liberty and Unity of the Family

05 Real Socialization of Children with all Ages To Learn and Serve while Encouraging Their Uniqueness

06 The base of Education and What is the best Curriculum to Use

07 Prayer for full time Parents

08 Relate4ever – Natural Homeschooling Organic Ambient Chillout Mix

– Inspirational audiobook on restoring home education aka homeschooling movement from Relate4ever Publishing.


Prayer for Anchorage Alaska Earthquake

Dear heavenly Father, we praise you as the Almighty Creator. You know how each of those affected by the earthquake that occurred in Anchorage Alaska are doing now… that is why we ask for your mercy to be provided over their needs and your glory will be seen. Please comfort them and help them according to their needs. We know more and more people repent and decide to live faithfully and fruitfully so please we look forward to your reply. Amen.

Thank you for praying with us for this is love! Discover more inspirational and motivational resources and recordings from Relate4ever Publishing on amazon or itunes.

Learn more about earthquakes from a spiritual mindset here http://relate4ever.com/natural-disaster-by-douglas-jacoby/