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The University on Relate4ever Publishing (Is this the Best Bible School Ever Online with inductive study self taught curricula and Holy Spirit as teacher) 

– Starting this season – email erika at relate4ever dot com or post ASAP for registration or support!

– You will do 1 Chapter Weekly on 3 Paragraph or Column Inductive Study – Genesis then Gospel of Luke and Acts. In the 1st column you will copy the text of the Scripture, in the 2nd column you will write what you understood, like you would share it as a story to your friends, then in the 3rd column you will write what you will do with what you understood, in other words put in practice the principle in the next coming days. For more on how the inductive study process you can read here.

– The 2 years divided weekly will schedule the introduction in the 1st week, then 50 chapters of Genesis, then 24 chapters of Luke’s Gospel, then 28 chapters of Acts, then the last week will conclude with graduation.

– You will know God the Father from Genesis, you will see what to do from the Son in the Gospel, you will get what you will have from the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts like never before!

– Learning Hebrew and Greek Lexicon as we go

– Online Skype VOIP Fellowship and email support available

– Student Paraphrase and Practical Decision Notes promoted later as Author over Relate4ever Publishing

– After 2 Years you receive Graduation Certificate as University Diploma with Doctorate Degree

– You will become a disciple of Christ, if you are not one yet. You will be part of the Kingdom of Heaven aka Kingdom of God. You will be able to serve in the body of Christ as evangelist, deacon, pastor, teacher.

– The fee price include curriculum, optional: online group support over blog, email and Skype, graduation certificate diploma, your practical paraphrasation published, promotion as author, more goodies on the way! An agreement will be signed with each registered student.

– Full price fee for 2 years is 120 USD – Pay monthly 24×5 USD – Pay annually 2×50 USD – Pay one time at the beginning of the courses and you have a 25% reduction where you will pay only 90 USD (post here or email me ASAP for the monthly or yearly subscription option).

– Here you can register now for the University (full payment with 25% discount!) safely using any card via

– Will you bring new students to this university? For each new student that you help register, you receive 20 USD. Starting with the 7th student you start earning money. Isn’t it fun to be part of the Relate4ever University?


1. Who are the Real Students that will Standup at this University?

2. Which University is actively PRAYING for the students?

3. Will you get from University Student to Published AUTHOR On Relate4ever?


4. Will you contribute to the Accurate BIBLE Version on the University Curricula?

5. Will you compose melody the future anthem SONGS using the key verses from the passages in the Word of God we study each week for the best memorization and singing praise?


6. How you can get better JOBS by going thru the self-taught curricula on this unique University?

7. How you can do the University for FREE? (without the fee, accountability, group support, certificate diploma, published author, etc)

8. What HOMESCHOOLING has to do with the University on Relate4ever Publishing? Who is going to certificate your children for high school or college? Is one of your goals entrepreneurship?



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