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Sheep Not Goats

What is Sheep Not Goats? It is a Florida non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue code.  Our focus is on providing assistance to the poor in Nicaragua via income opportunities associated with a new farm in the town of Malpaisillo where our primary output is tilapia, plantains, and tomatoes.  We will use aquaponics where fish waste meets the nutritional needs of the plants. See more at www.SheepNotGoats.org

Why Nicaragua? Because Nicaragua is the 2nd-poorest country in the western hemisphere, it made sense to us that there were surely great needs in this small Central American country.  We also learned that it’s one of the safest countries in Latin America – important for the ability to drive where you need to without much worry.

How about the farm? Buenpaisillo is a new agricultural enterprise in the very poor town of Malpaisillo, home to about 8000 Nicaraguans. This little farm, or finca, generates income for poor families and will more fresh food, including plantains, tomatoes, papaya, and tilapia (using aquaponics). Visit www.SheepNotGoats.org

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