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Fishers of Men hymn

  • What comes into your mind when you think about following Jesus? What kind of bait you use to fish for souls?
  • How would you feel singing Scriptures to preach the gospel? Can you record a cover for this inspirational Christian hymn?

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Thank you for listening the Fishers of Men hymn from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 4. It will be great to have back a high quality mp3 or wav recording at 120bpm (any key) so we can include it in the music album compilation that will be presented to the public. http://relate4ever.com/acappella-audition

Lyrics / Verses:
Jesus, walking by the sea, saw two brethren,

casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers.
Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
And they straightway left nets, and followed him.
Fishers of men follow Jesus.

Sheet / Keys:
1B5 2C#6 4C#6 9D#6 10E6 12E6
1B5 5C#6 9G#5 12F#5
1B5 2C#6 4C#6 9D#6 10E6 12E6
1D#6 5E6 9G#6 12F#6

1B5 5C#6 9E6 12D#6
1B5 5C#6 9G#5 12F#5
1B5 5C#6 9E6 12D#6
1D#6 5E6 9G#6 12F#6

Artist: Cris
Title: Fishers of Men
Version: Christian Gospel Hymn Singing Scriptures Praise & Worship Meets Inspirational Piano Music
Label: Christian Records – The Remix Label Music
Publisher: Original From The Letter For God – Relate4ever Publishing
Track list / Play list:
1 Fishers of Men (Christian Vocal Chillout Lounge)
2 Fishers (Inspirational Ambient Hymn)
3 Fishers of Men Follow Jesus (Voce Acappella Gospel Cover)
4 Pescadores (Pian Piano Classical Music)

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Cris = Piano + Voice. Cris is when and where an Inspirational Classical Piano Melody Ambient meets an Acappella Christian Gospel Vocal like a Spiritual Praise Hymn from the Scriptures.



Download from > CDbabyAmazon –