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Natural Photography

Meet Simone Steiner with Natural Photography! Here are the Pictures with Natural Photography, Natural Background, Warm Colors, Calm Faces, Soft Eyes, Sunlight Reflection, High Contrast, Clear Contour, etc
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Neverland Farm

Neverland Farm community, and Tina Marshall, have been working with a volunteer program and organic projects here in our valley since the year 2002. Our cafe is grown in our valley, in accord with the sun, moon and stars, organically, biodynamically. This valley seems ideally suited for organic product life coffee, it naturally occurs here, we have an altitude of about 5200 feet or 1500 meters, plenty of natural mature trees for shade, high nitrogen content to the soil, a year round small creek that runs off the mountains to keep this valley green and lush, and plenty of loving hands for cultivating and hand picking the selected red beans.

Natural Homeschooling

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R4E141222 – Natural Homeschooling with Natalia Rivera from Ecuador – Visit http://www.contusguaguas.com

01 Natural Parenting To Homeschool Your Children

02 Educate At Home In Any Country and other Essential Implications and Benefits for Teaching

03 Laws from the Bible for Moral Love then the Legal Constitution and the International Letter of HSLDA

04 Top Reasons for Home Education along with the Liberty and Unity of the Family

05 Real Socialization of Children with all Ages To Learn and Serve while Encouraging Their Uniqueness

06 The base of Education and What is the best Curriculum to Use

07 Prayer for full time Parents

08 Relate4ever – Natural Homeschooling Organic Ambient Chillout Mix

– Inspirational audiobook on restoring home education aka homeschooling movement from Relate4ever Publishing.