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Fishers of Men hymn

  • What comes into your mind when you think about following Jesus? What kind of bait you use to fish for souls?
  • How would you feel singing Scriptures to preach the gospel? Can you record a cover for this inspirational Christian hymn?

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Thank you for listening the Fishers of Men hymn from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 4. It will be great to have back a high quality mp3 or wav recording at 120bpm (any key) so we can include it in the music album compilation that will be presented to the public. http://relate4ever.com/acappella-audition

Lyrics / Verses:
Jesus, walking by the sea, saw two brethren,

casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers.
Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
And they straightway left nets, and followed him.
Fishers of men follow Jesus.

Sheet / Keys:
1B5 2C#6 4C#6 9D#6 10E6 12E6
1B5 5C#6 9G#5 12F#5
1B5 2C#6 4C#6 9D#6 10E6 12E6
1D#6 5E6 9G#6 12F#6

1B5 5C#6 9E6 12D#6
1B5 5C#6 9G#5 12F#5
1B5 5C#6 9E6 12D#6
1D#6 5E6 9G#6 12F#6

Artist: Cris
Title: Fishers of Men
Version: Christian Gospel Hymn Singing Scriptures Praise & Worship Meets Inspirational Piano Music
Label: Christian Records – The Remix Label Music
Publisher: Original From The Letter For God – Relate4ever Publishing
Track list / Play list:
1 Fishers of Men (Christian Vocal Chillout Lounge)
2 Fishers (Inspirational Ambient Hymn)
3 Fishers of Men Follow Jesus (Voce Acappella Gospel Cover)
4 Pescadores (Pian Piano Classical Music)

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Cris = Piano + Voice. Cris is when and where an Inspirational Classical Piano Melody Ambient meets an Acappella Christian Gospel Vocal like a Spiritual Praise Hymn from the Scriptures.



Download from > CDbabyAmazon – 

A cappella Audition

– You can send for The Remix Label Acappella Album Audition a Public Domain Classical Christian Hymn or Original Song from Singing Scripture Project.

– Make a clean recording at 60 or 120 BPM – 16bit 44k CD WAV or 320k mp3 quality then send it to cris@theremixlabel.com, contact me for a Skype call or any other details.

– Warm up before recording! Smile and Sing as you Speak naturally. Do a Humming of the Melody, then a Solo Vocal (optional with Chorus or Choir Voices).

– You can be promoted internationally on the official album releases (CD, digital, etc) to thousands of organizations (radios, churches, travel agencies, private schools, health clubs, etc). What do you say?




Letter for Children

Relate4ever Publishing presents the Letter for Children with Positive Affirmations on Ambient Music! Play these tunes that will empower you and your child forever.

– Download HERE – The Letter For Children –
– Or you can DONATE any amount and still receive your copy!

– Free stream example below (only the music or with the children’s voices):

– Descarga AQUI – La Carta Para Los Ninos –
– Descarca AICI – Scrisoarea Pentru Copii –

– Download ONLY – The Original Soundtrack (Without Voices) –
– Do you want ONLY the spoken voices as Positive Affirmations?
EnglishSpanishRomanian – Russian –

Catalog: CD1506EN
Artist: Iam
Title: The Letter For Children
Description: Positive Affirmations On Ambient Music

Tracklist / Playlist:
01 Loved
02 Joyful
03 Peaceful
04 Patient
05 Kind
06 Good
07 Faithful
08 Gentle
09 Temperate
10 Respectful
11 Humble
12 Merciful
13 Servant
14 Rest
15 Fulfilled
16 Generous
17 Grateful
18 Responsible
19 Unique
20 Safe
21 Playful
22 Happy
23 Model
24 Child


After over 10 years of research, asking thousands of parents from many countries, what they would love the most in their families for their children, we discover the greatest needs and dreams that most people have.

The Letter For Children is a collection of positive affirmations on ambient music which inspire and motivates the listener. The sounds are relaxing. The melodies are made for all four temperaments. The composition is made on the heart rhythm so that the body will easily identify with it.

The parent who desires in their family more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, respect, can order this album on CD locally or digitally as MP3 files online. It is the ideal gift for the children that will remain for years and not just pass away in days.

You can download the tunes and artwork then burn 100 to 10.000 CDs locally at any duplication press. You can distribute these CDs to events, schools, churches, publishing, shops, clubs, travel agencies, other companies as gifts for their clients and members.

This is an amazing opportunity for disciples that like to reach out to key people like school directors, companies managers, churches pastors, to name a few while benefit from Relate4ever Publishing and The Remix Label public relations training. The income can make you serve self-supported in your ministry.

The representative keeps 20% when sells hundreds of CDs and 40% for thousands of copies sold. At each 3.000 CDs sold you get a vacation in Ecuador enjoying natural food in the fellowship with the disciples in South America.

And how about a promotional poster that can be printed then pasted locally in your area? This is for the project with Positive Affirmations on Ambient Music from Relate4ever Publishing and The Remix Label. Thank you for sharing! Download this poster from HERE. Y en Espanol AQUI.