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Turning Pain To Praise

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Turning Pain To Praise with Sharisse Lucas

Welcome to the testimony of Sharisse Lucas! If you are seeking to gain perspective on life’s challenges, this recording is for you. Challenges such as dealing with depression, being molested, raising a special needs child, marriage dynamics and fighting to keep a fresh and growing faith are discussed in such a vulnerable yet practical way that you will feel like you and Sharisse are sitting down having a cup of tea and sharing one another’s life stories.

The Power of Entrustment and Childlikeness

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The Power of Entrustment and Childlikeness with Marvin K Lucas on Relate4ever Publishing.

Marvin and his wife, Sharisse, and their children have lived in Little Rock, AR. Before that, they were in his hometown of Norwich England, where he had a counseling practice specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as Anger and Stress Management.

Growing up an atheist himself for half his life and now being a spiritually minded person gives Marvin a unique worldview. He has a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and has spoken and taught on various subjects all over the world.


He is sharing his testimony and the best advise from his writings here on Relate4ever Publishing. If you enjoy this recording, check out books, Baguette Moments and Capes & Tiaras on IPI http://ipibooks.com/en-us/searchresults.aspx?search=lucas#.VgyrUG5UtR1