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Hacienda of Hope Christian Academy

Hacienda of Hope Christian Academy in Tabacundo Ecuador Presentation With Jake and Tayna Wilson 


Jake Wilson, is the director of our Christian academy.  He has been an Assistant Principal at Sam Houston High School, a mostly hispanic school near Dallas-Fort Worth.  Tanya is an artist and a middle school art teacher.


Jacob and Tanya Wilson Christian Interview in Ecuador


 The HOH Academy was established in 2006 in association with the Hacienda of Hope orphanage in Tabacundo, Ecuador.  It is a Christian school whose mission is to provide a superior, English-based education to both the orphans and children of the surrounding community while instilling strong Christian principles.  The school provides a unique education approach that allows students to progress at a pace consistent with their background and talents.

The HOH Academy affords opportunities to touch the lives of many families as we demonstrate God’s love in the community.  Our interactions with these families allow us to help bring them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through our examples and Bible studies. Two vibrant churches, one meeting in Cayambe and the other in Tabacundo, are benefiting from the efforts of the school, the orphanage, and Camp Bellevue.  The camp offers an after-school program providing tutoring programs and play time for children from schools in the surrounding area, including the HOH Academy.


The Academy was created in 2005 after a few years of operation of the Hacienda of Hope. Key reasons for the additional of the academy are:

  1. Government schools do not provide the desired quality of academic training
  2. The academy was able to also provide training on Christian values
  3. Through scholarships, the academy allows attendance by poor students in the community that could not even attend the available government schools.

The Hacienda of Hope Academy provides bilingual education from kindergarten through High School.  Since it’s operation, the academy has able to provide the highest quality of academic teaching to both our orphans and those in the Ecuadorian community.  It maintains a high reputation and is often sought out by parents in nearby communities wishing to enroll their children. Currently the academy has 180 students and the parents continue to voice extreme satisfaction with their children’s experiences at the school.


The original mission of the Hacienda of Hope was to provide a home for the abandoned children of Ecuador. Having opened in 2003,  20 children are currently being served by the orphanage.  We envision serving hundreds of children who would have otherwise lived in the streets and to witness them being transformed by God’s love, then seeing them experience the sense of worth that comes from a good education. God’s call to serve the children of the region led us to the establishment of the School of Hope.  This bilingual school quickly developed a reputation in the region for excellence.

Jerry Snyder, with his wife Pat, served as the director through the building phase.  His vision and skills transformed a mostly barren piece of property into a welcoming home.  He has overseen the construction of the home and school.  The vision of all those who share a passion for the Hacienda of Hope is not only for the children already there, but for those to be served decades and even centuries to come.  Plans were approved to build homes designed for family living that would be around 100 years later.
It wouldn’t be long until facilities for the school became the most urgent concern. God’s providence was clearly leading us to serve a broader audience of children. The first students met in a converted dairy barn. They have since expanded to accommodate easily the nearly 200 students it now serves.
Today, the children’s home is being led by Justin and Jauna Reeger.  Both hold Masters degrees in social work and have extensive training dealing with children’s issues.  They are veterans of Ecuador. Jauna is the daughter of a missionary and she moved to Ecuador when she was only eight years old.  Prior to taking the assignment with the Hacienda of Hope, they served at Camp Bellevue for seven years.


The Hacienda of Hope is adjacent to Camp Bellevue, an outreach to children sponsored by the Bellevue Church of Christ in Bellevue, Washington.  We anticipate greater synergies in the years to come as all these projects come together to serve children in the name of Jesus Christ.



The Hacienda of Hope is just that – a place where the hope of Christ is fostered and cultivated in the lives of His precious children.



La Hacienda de La Esperanza es un nuevo orfanato que está brindando espacios para que niños desprotegidos tengan un ambiente apropiado para crecer y desarrollarse. Junto a esta gran obra viene funcionando la “Unidad Educativa de Esperanza” con ciento setenta alumnos, este año será la graduación de la primera promoción de alumnos de tercer año de bachillerato. Las clases se imparten tanto en idioma español como inglés con maestros ecuatorianos y americanos. Además los alumnos cuentas con espacios amplios de recreación y aulas confortables. No cabe duda que esta es una gran obra de “Las Iglesias de Cristo” patrocinada por la iglesia de Twickenham, en Huntsville, Alabama. Actualmente el director es Justin Reeger.



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