Letters to Married (The word written to spouses)

Overview for Small Groups (starting with 1 couple) – Adaptable
This outline is about the essential principles in your life.

If you could write a personal letter to couples, what would you say? What are the most important things to know, do, and have?

Letter to marrieds is not a letter written from somebody else to you, instead is a personal letter  written by you along with your spouse as you go through the 12 points in  the Letters to Married outline and have an honest discussion with an other couple.

Here is the 12 points for the group discussion (can be developed upon request):

01 Communication Quality and Secret
02 Top Priorities In All Relationships
03 Forgiveness And Reconciliation
04 Steps Like Dating Engagement Wedding Perseverance
05 Defining Unity Union Oneness Thru Differences, Sex, Income
06 Balance In All Situations Relations Locations
07 The 4 ways you feel Love and Hurt
08 The 4 Seasons of Life
09 Fruits of Marriage as Family Homesteading
10 Legacy Inheritance
11 Vision and Mission Statement
12 Prayer for Practical Decisions and Accountability


Please use this Letter as a disciple tool in your life. As you discover new and new meanings in it or if you just put on the paper  the important things from your married life please write down the summary of each point discussed.

If you want to write down the whole discussion is possible to became not just an inspiration for the readers of your outline but is possible to become an inspirational book which can impact millions life. If you can record and send the audio of it, it is also possible to be released as an audio book in all popular stores.

My practical decisions from the letter to marrieds looks like following after a disciple time with another family.

L2M01 Communication
– I will see how the quality of communication will give the quality of marriage relationship.
– I will slowly speak frequently and honestly with 1 mouth that closes while listening quickly and humbly with 2 ears that remain OPEN.
– I will pray together with my spouse starting from early in the morning because couples that pray together remain together.
– I will share daily the good and bad in my life with my partner especially in the evenings so that we can go to rest peacefully.

L2M02 Priorities
– I will love God 1st then my neighbor as spouse, children, friends and others.
– I will look one level up in the top 5 when problem in any of these relations.
– I will clearly define then respect the ROLES so to set appropriate goals.

L2M03 Forgiveness
– I will forgive then forget as the Lord forgave me already, while follow the godly steps of reconciliation.
– I will give attention only to the things that I would love to see continue, so I will FORGET the wrong doing while remind only the right doing.
– I will follow the godly steps of reconciliation in conflict, rebuking in private, establish every fact with 2-3 witnesses, tell to the church community, treat like unbelievers.

L2M04 Steps
– I will walk accurately the steps of knowing my spouse thru hearing, trusting, engaging, marry, persevere until the end of this life.
– I will know what I liked at my spouse and what my spouse liked at me. I will share the reasons why we marry and ask others theirs.
– I will see how trust and reliability gives the speed of things happening.
– I will accept and celebrate the differences as they complete one another.

L2M05 Unity
– I will define unity looking at marriage. I will see knowing as an intimate relationship.
– I will celebrate unity thru sex where the wife goes slowly round and round while the husband like to go straight to the point.
– I will split household income in contribution, investment, expenses, savings. I will give as contribution percentage my age.
– I will consider it is enough for our needs as much as the Lord provides.

L2M06 Balance
– I will pay close attention to both life and teaching so that we will be delivered. I will improve balance by physical exercises, like walking just with 1 leg.
– I will check if I am in balance on the narrow road to get thru the gate in each situation, location, relation.
– I will keep the balance being aware of the 2 passive and active extremes. I will question my balance in each situation, relation, location.

L2M07 Love and Hurts
– I will love my spouse in all 4 ways thru communication, service, gifts, quality time together.
– I will be aware that my spouse can feel hurt in their lack of feeling love.
– I will check if my spouse felt loved daily and pray healing forgiveness for the hurts.

L2M08 4 Seasons
– I will map my life as a journey with stages, like spring 0-20, summer 20-40, autumn 40-60, winter 60-80+ years.
– I will accept the differences and be prepared for next seasonal changes.

L2M09 Fruits
– I will see the 9 fruit of the Spirit as the main fruits of a fruitful marriage.
– I will see a marriage as family after the 1st child is born. I will homestead, homebirth, homeschool. I will explain social, legal, curriculum.

L2M10 Legacy
– I will ask what legacy is my marriage leaving. I will think what people with share as story about my life as inheritance.
– I will leave a legacy of learning, living, loving, leaving a legacy. I will sing about my legacy in a song about it.

L2M11 Mission and Vision
– I will have our marriage mission statement written on our household walls. I will write it together with my household.
– I will write it having the end in mind. I will see the mission as the plan to fulfill the vision.
– I will share it with others for accountability purposes. We will fulfill the heavenly Father’s will, we will serve our neighbor, we will pray for the fruit of the Spirit.

L2M12 Prayer
– I will pray for each of the essential topics, most important questions, best stories and urgent practical decisions.
– I will keep accountable other with their practical decisions in order to build up one another in the kingdom of God.

– Please contact ASAP to schedule a Skype meeting to go thru this outline together. Plan about 2 hours for 2 couples.