Life Changing Worship

David Eastman serves as an Evangelist and Worship Leader in the Chicago Church of Christ. In the full-time ministry for over 30 years, he and his wife Kathy have served churches throughout North America. Dave has been privileged to teach thousands of the principles of worship and praise.

Worship is a part of our spiritual DNA, and when we ignore it, or neglect it, or minimize its importance, we do so to our own spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical detriment.

Feel the impact that passionate, daily, heart-felt worship can make on our lives. Visit

This recording on Life Changing Worship is especially helpful for those who…
– would like to grow closer to God in their daily walk
– want to understand the practicals of Biblical praise.
– seek direction in ministering to their team and congregation.
– want to help their churches grow in meaningful and reverent worship.
– look to understand the role that music plays in praise.

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