Malaysia free Roma from prison

Dear reader, please pray for Roma that he will stay strong and bold in his faith and that he will be freed from prison in Malaysia.

While transiting Malaysia, Roma was put to prison after somebody planted illegal substance in his  luggage without his knowledge. Roma was caught with possession of drug and put in prison.  In march 2019 he was sentenced to death.

Dear judges, how can we avoid wrongful execution in the case of Roma?
We trust Roma because he is serving The Holy God as disciple of The Anointed One and so his standard of living is of self denial and calling people who are in the drug industry to repent and give there lives to God and serve God instead of money, power or pleasure. At the end of times we will all bow down in front of this Great God, The Highest Judge Eternal and so each of us will be judged by Him!

Dear Roma, we are praying for you.

Dear friends who want to help Roma be freed from jail, please team up and investigate this case together. You are at great help if you know Roma and you are able to make an affidavit. You can also write a letter to encourage him.  Maybe you want to make awareness about Roma by recording a prayer for him, writing about his situation or doing something for Roma, according to your talent.

Dear Father from heaven, we praise You as the Almighty Judge and pray that your will be done  as in heaven on earth. We ask You to empower Roma to preach the good news of eternal life to those around him in prison and in court. We ask You so the judges  will release Roma from prison.  We ask all these in The Anointed One who has all the power in Heaven and on Earth.

Listen Dr. Douglas Jacoby on Capital Punishment HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Malaysia free Roma from prison”

  1. May the Lord execute His plan for you while behind bars…. May He complete it through you until then: Be brave

  2. Will keep you in our prayers Roma , and we trust our Lord will protect you and use your case for his glory 🙏

  3. God is our Defense Lawyer. He shall help you get vindicated the soonest. You have our love and prayers.

  4. Be strong, Roma! The Victory is already yours!! Praying for you and all of the Christians under persecutions!! You are loved!!

  5. Our God can do much more we pray,wish or desire,because His great name he can change all facts and set people free from all troubles or death.Have faith in Jesus blood in prayers.

  6. Dear Father,
    Only you alone will deliberate on Roma’s case. You know his inner being as you are his creator. I pray that he will be comforted and find strength in you and grow in his faith. Be with us as his family to trust you in this difficult time.

    To Roma,
    Hold on my brother God is watching you for He does not slumber and He is aware of your situation. He promised to prosper us and not to harm and that He will never leave us. He is with you and by your side. I am praying for you

  7. Dear brother Roma, faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

    Many prayers are being sent to God Almighty for you.

    We fall on our knees in front of God’s throne with our hands lifted up to supplicate Heavenly Father and send petitions to him who can deliver you from the physical prison in which you are unfairly detained.

    Pray for us too Roma that we don’t create our own mind- and heart- prisons by falling back into human thinking and start sinning again brother. We trust you very much and love you sincerely.

    We think of you with the tenderness of Christ and go back to God again and again regarding your difficult situation and circumstances! You are in our hearts and minds brother. We don’t forget you and hold you dear in our hearts even if many of us have never met you personally yet.

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