Letter to Seniors, Elders, Empty-nesters, Activist, Presbyters, etc

– If you could write a personal letter to elderly, what would you say? What are the most important topics to know, do, and have?

01 Introduction –
A) Define and Praise the Winter Senior Season
B) Promise Impact Like Never Before
C) The Time is Now For Restoration Movement Momentum

02 Education –
A) Public Political or Private Religious Schools
B) HomeSchooling Natural Learning Languages
C) Unschooling No Curriculum Program

03 Economy –
A) Gov Debt Collectivism
B) HomeSteading Provide Private Propriety to FreeTrade Services and Goods
C) Master Slavery Survival

04 Health –
A) Meds GMO Vaccines
B) Raw Food Nature Biology and Fitness Excercise Real Hike Hunt Sports
C) No Care Stay Sick Slow Death

05 Defence –
A) War Attack
B) Non-Aggression Principle Love Enemies
C) Self-defence

06 Religion/Culture –
A) All Lead To God
B) One Body Of True Disciples Of Christ
C) Ateism No Relationships

07 Music/Art –
A) Mass Media Sinful Prostitution Curse
B) Praise Righteouss Worship Real Art
C) Just Fun and Noise

08 Family –
A) Community Church Orphans and Abandon to Relatives
B) Fulltime Parenting
C) Abortion and Anticonception Business Company Corp

09 Politics/History –
A) Democracy Republic Affairs Dependency
B) Patriarchy Family Liberty Leadership Church Is The Community Fellowship
C) Monarchy VS Anarchy

10 Conclusion –
A) Prayer for written practical decisions
B) Record and send back your testimony
C) Your turn now!

– Please contact ASAP for a personal meeting to go thru these chapters together over Skype or when you have suggestions, advices, recommendations on these topics, OK?