Letter for Parents with Children (Parenting) – If you could write a note to parents and children, what would you say? Which is the most important topics to know, do, and have? Each of the 10 chapters covers every 2 years ascending in order.

01 0-2 Hope not mistrust, feeding, set firm limits with clear rules, sleeping habits, early education via healthy associations, smile,

02 3-4 Autonomy not doubt, training attention continue behavior, toilet, clothing, give choices asking, listen to obey and fulfill father and mother’s will,

03 5-6 Initiate not guilt, exploring, advice, tools as toys, art, forgive and forget, you can as soon as it is done, allow natural consequences do the teaching,

04 7-8 Competence not inferiority, homeschooling, appreciate growth development, craft, be able to handle any situation and relation and location,

05 9-10 Honor your father and mother, your parent knows and sees who and what about me, happy every time I see my father and mother, not exasperate,

06 11-12 Identity not confusion, Jesus role model, who am I as a soul, why am I here to know God and make Him known, where am I going in eternity,

07 13-14 Feel loved in 4 ways, celebrate weekly like birthday, feel safe because of the grace my parent provides, love those around me,

08 15-16 Purity, modesty, gentle, fruit of the Spirit, humble, grateful, compassionate, mercy, live what I am learning,

09 17-18 Homesteading, survival preparedness, business owner, income, franchising an university,

10 19-20 Dating, engagement, church as community involvement, singing, praying,