Vision – Restoring the most essential topics in each of the 4 life seasons

Mission – Recording (history with life stories) interviews using the Life Letters outline

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Relate4ever Publishing releases real life subjects and stories that inspires eternal relations! We will focus on restoring the truth while defining the essentials of life.

What I can do for you? Research for your questions then post inspirational video replies. What can you do? Can you paraphrase or put in writing the content of the videos as comments? Also would you like to be a reporter from your area?

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Please see the 1moment in nature inspirational video series on this blog post that will be complementary to the travel to Southern Hemisphere developing countries to build eternal relationships in the body of the Anointed One.

Greetings from Ecuador!
You will find updates on this website from our service with the music ministry Singing the Scriptures and Relate4ever Publishing audio books, interviews and testimonies in South America. Thank you for your support: praying, fasting, advising, sharing!
Love, La Familia



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