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Apologetics Program

ARS Apologetics Certificate Program with John Oakes on

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Many of us have not noticed it.  The fact is that we are now living in a post-Christian age and in a post-Christian culture.  No longer can we assume that people we talk to know anything about the Bible or the Christian God.

The faith have been bombarded with negative, stereotyped ideas about religion coming from the mass media.  How can we share our faith in Jesus with a person who has no basis at all for belief that God exists?  How can we establish the inspiration of the Bible for people who do not even understand the concept of authority?  How are we going to explain Christian faith in a postmodern world which has abandoned the idea of truth?

Clearly, the solution is not simply to read a passage of scripture and let it do its work.  We need to understand the world view of the unreligious and those of other faiths.  We need to explain Christianity in ways that connect with the modern mind.  We need to repair the defensive posture of the Christian world toward the findings of modern science.

Paul modeled this behavior when he gave his apologetic argument to the Greeks in Athens.  In Acts 17 we find Paul discoursing with the Greek philosophers taking illustrations from the Stoics and the Epicureans and applying it to belief in the one true God.  We need people trained to do the same thing in our own modern versions of the Areopagus.

Curriculum for Certificate in Christian Apologetics:

1.  Intro to Christian Apologetics: The Existence of God.
a. The Need for Christian Apologetics
b. History of Chrisitan Apologetics
c. Approaches to Apologetics
d. Atheist arguments against the existence of God
e. Why Atheism fails
f. Classical theistic arguments
g. The Nature of God
Instructors: Dr. Douglas Jacoby, Dr. John Oakes

2.  Inspiration of the Bible I/Authority
a.  Inspiration, Inerrancy, Definitions and defense.
b. Supposed contradictions of fact and doctrine.
c. Consistency and unity of the Bible as a whole.
d. The Bible is the greatest book of….
e.  How We Got the Bible, Canon of OT, NT
Instructor:  Dr. John Oakes

3. Inspiration of Bible II  The Bible and Textual Criticism
a.  History of Biblical Criticism
b. Textual Criticism, Form Criticism, etc…
c. Response and defense of the unity and inspiration of the Bible.
Instructor:  Glenn Giles

4.  Science and God/Science and the Bible.
a. Age of earth/universe.
b. Creation of life.
c. Anthropic Principle/Intelligent Design
d. Biological and human evolution.
e. The flood and “flood geology.”
f. Science and the Bible.
g. Science and other religions.
Instructor:  Dr. John Oakes

5.  Prophecy and Christian Apologetics
a. Messianic Prophecies
b. Kingdom Prophecies
c. Old Testament Prophecies fulfilled in the Old Testament
d. Old Testament Prophecies fulfilled between the Testaments and in the New Testament (especially Daniel)
e. Types, foreshadows and prefigures
Instructor:  Dr. John Oakes

6. Apologetics and the Christian World View.
a. Greek world views:  Paul in Athens.
b. Eastern religions: Pantheism
c. Naturalism, Scientific Materialism
d. Postmodernism.
e. Other World Views
f. The Christian worldview.
Instructor:  Dr. Robert Kurka

7.  History, Archaeology and the Bible.
a. World History and the Old Testament.
b. Old Testament archaeology.
c. New Testament archaeology.
Instructors:  Dr. John Wilson, Dr. Douglas Jacoby, Foster Stanback, Dr. John Oakes

8.  Jesus and Christian Apologetics/Miracles
a. The deity of Jesus.
b. Liar, Lord, Lunatic, Legend.
c. Claims of Jesus.
d. The historical Jesus
e. Response to the Jesus myth hypothesis
f. Science and miracles.
g. OT miracles
h. The miracles of Jesus
i. Incarnation, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus
Instructors:  Dr. John Oakes (guest lecturer: Foster Stanback)

9.  World Religions.
a. Scope of the topic.
b. Greek and other classical religious concepts.
c. Eastern Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikkhism, Jaina
d. New Age, Bahai
e. Islam
f. Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness and other pseudo-Christian religions.
Instructor:  Dr. John Oakes, Dan Conder

10.  Defense of Biblical Theology: Answering the Hard Questions
a. The trinity
b. The problem of evil.
c. The problem of pain and suffering.
d. Predestination and free will
e. The problem of hell
f. The Problems of violence and slavery in the Old Testament
Instructor: Dr. John Oakes

Classes available for immediate shipment:
1. Prophecy and Christian Apologetics.
2. Science and Christian Apologetics.
3. Apologetics and the Christian World View.
Classes available as of Jan. 2011:
1. Jesus and Christian Apologetics
2. Apologetics and World Religions
3. Apologetics and Biblical Criticism

For more information or to register for any of the available classes, contact Jan Oakes at or 858-505-8841.   Sign up today!

Spiritual Maturity

Special Interview on Spiritual Maturity book: God’s Will for Emotional Health and Healing with author Cresenda Jones Vicki Jacoby.

Without emotional intelligence and personal growth, our lives will be like the seed that fell among thorns.

Spiritual Maturity: God’s Will for Emotional Health and Healing discusses how important it is for us to really know ourselves.

Readers will be reminded of the fact that, as disciples, we are not alone. We have God and His fellowship of believers who have experienced similar “heart and soul” emotional pain, traumatic experiences and desires for personal growth.

Disciples are encouraged to dig a little deeper to increase their emotional intelligence. Repetitive cycles are discussed in light of the increasing frequency of addictions, self-sabotaging behavior and unhealthy relationships.

Since fathers have such a gigantic influence on our lives, a chapter is dedicated to exploring the importance of this relationship and its impact.

Readers will also be provided with information on the change process. An understanding of this process will help Christians to meet their personal growth goals.

Lastly, testimonies of disciples who have ventured to be “born again emotionally” are shared as inspiring examples.

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Top 10 Bible Chapters

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Welcome! Which are the Top 10 Bible Chapters that every Christian aka disciple of the Anointed One should know, presented by Cristian Paduraru using the Accurate Bible Version on Publishing

– We are living in the most fired up times of history after the time of Old Testament and the life of Jesus, as we live by the Spirit prepared for the 2nd coming of the Anointed One.

– Now we enjoy a personal copy of the word of God and tools to easily and quickly read, listen, record and search the Scriptures. More people will grow in faith and get closer to God than ever by being immersed and surrounded by His word and Spirit.

– Would you like to know God more? It is written that this is eternal life to know God the Father and His Son. Do you want to fulfill His will joyfully for your household, fellowship and neighbors? Grow your ability to serve your gifts? Reach out more people with the Kingdom Of Heaven? Following these essential yet simple ideas will grow your relationship with the Lord, the maturity in your household and even the number of disciples in your fellowship. This recording will inspire and assist you to fulfill these godly goals!

– Encourage to play the recordings everyday during the meals in your household with your family and friends, so that you will eat food for body, soul, mind and heart.

– Please provide feedback for the Accurate Bible Version on Publishing

– Once upon a time I had for the first time the challenge to narrate and record an audio version the whole Bible. We had the Bible reading plan for the group we fellowship and as I shared the recordings for feedback, the elderly came back and we’re very grateful for they replaced worldly massmedia with the word of God. We saw elderly people getting alive by growing in faith that comes by hearing the word of God, serving their gifts, visiting one another, teaching the younger, sharing their faith. So do not underestimate the power of the worf of God, especially when you honor it everyday in your household and fellowship with all the tools you have around you.

– You can record aloud while reading the Scripture daily, so that your loved ones will hear the voice of your mouth speaking the word of the Lord. If the audio recordings have good quality send them for publishing consideration to

– Paraphrase it by writing it down, first paragraph or column copy word for word, second describe what happened like you were sharing the story to a friend, then third take practical decisions of what you will do with what you understood. There is an unique connection between the mind-hand-heart, so when you will write the Scriptures to understand and fulfill your walk with the Lord will improve from good to great like never before!

– Example PPP Gen1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. What happened in the beginning? Who created everything? What did God do in the beginning? I will recognize the creation of God when I look at the sky, earth and everything in them. I will ask in public who made this mountain or food to raise awareness and praise God for His creation. I will begin all things with God asking Him as the Creator of them how to best pursue it.

– Join the Singing the Scripture project on and praise God as we make songs with His word

– I remember as I started to compose songs with the key verses from each of the Bible chapters in order from our homeschooling curriculum, that my children we’re learning Scripture very easy and playfully; so the next day in the garden I heard them singing very accurately the verses placed on the melody. Every day as we took field trips and before the night rest we rejoice praising the Lord with these songs, each leading at least 2-3 of them before others. I encourage you compose on the heart rhythm and use 4 musical keys so that the body will naturally match the song and be well received by all 4 kinds of people in this world.

– Come to an interview on the Life Letters and share the reasons why and stories how you live by the Spirit in this corrupt generation. Invitation to L2D Letter to Christians aka Disciples of the Anointed One, define the top 10 topics in the Bible. What Scripture passages you can look after for each of the topics? Think about it like A-B-C, Be-Do-Have, defining what is it, illustrating how it is being done, what we have as fruit of it. The main topics we found to be essential: the Word, God, Jesus, Faith, Salvation, Sin, Repentance, Holy Spirit, Immersion, Kingdom, Church, Hope.

– Please keep praying about these Bible based projects on The Remix Label and Relate4ever Publishing as the Lord is blessing everyone involved and we continue to get amazing feedback worldwide!

Gen 01 – the beginning

Exo 20 – the laws

Deu 06 – the greatest commandment

Psa 23 – the shepherd

Isa 53 – the suffering servant

Mat 28 – the great mission

Act 02 – the church

Rom 08 – living by the spirit

1Co 15 – the hope of resurrection to eternal life

Apo 22 – the throne of God in Heaven

Praying for Practicals in the Top10 Bible Chapters

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